Below are some video and photo highlights. 
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Additional videos and photos are available on request. (credit: Blacksmith Institute)

Blacksmith Video

Project Update - Emergency in Nigeria - CNN Reports

Emergency in Nigeria: CNN Reports on Blacksmith's emergency cleanup of toxic lead in Nigeria.



The Story of Lead

Mercury: The Burning Issue (Part 1 and 2)
documents Blacksmith Institute's project in Kalimantan, Indonesia, helping gold miners reduce mercury poisoning during gold mining.



Blacksmith Institute's Richard Fuller talks about about global pollution on "The Most Useful School in the world," one of the most popular programs on Japanese television. (clips below are in Japanese)



Blacksmith Photo Gallery

Photo credit: Courtesy of Blacksmith Institute

Press may use the images below, with proper credit, for relevant stories about pollution and Blacksmith's work.  More images are available on request.